a holiday thank you

…as a holiday thank you to the world and all the good that nonprofits and charities are doing to assist society, our corporation is doing what it can to help and has decided to give away a non-commercial version of our email sending service without cost to charities and nonprofits in need, which is the primary and only purpose of this email.

simply visit our company web site above, fill out the order form with your nonprofit/charity contact details, but do not press submit. Instead, print it out and send a letter to the mailing address on our company web site above with your nonprofit/charity mission statement, a copy of the paperwork from your governmental authority confirming your nonprofit/charity status in your city/state/province/country of origin enclosed, and we will then contact you with all you need to start emailing to 2.5mil people with your non-cost, non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship, charity/nonprofit special email message on your web site.

this non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship, courtesy emailing has an important primary purpose of helping society by assisting nonprofits and charities have their nonprofit/non-commercial mission statement/special message sent out to a large number of emails as a courtesy to help worldwide in national & global relief efforts for various causes in need of non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship support.

thanks to the technology of email, here are only a few of the countless charities & nonprofit organizations we have countributed to this year: Adventist develop & relief agency international, child help USA, direct relief international, doctors without borders, episcopal relief and development, international medical corps, mercy corps, operation USA, red cross hurricane relief division, red cross Washington state chapter, the salvation army, among countless others in need of global assistance.

on the day alone that this email was edited, six nonprofits/charities responded to this nonprofit emailing and are currently receiving their noncost, non-commercial emailing without cost to them: America remembers: killed in action foundation, his grace: evangelistic ministries, north valley aikikai: aikido education academy, lars ranch: abused children’s sanctuary, musici europae: classic music foundation, Coleman broadcasting: youth education network . We hope to assist over 2,000+ nonprofits and charities have their special non-commercial email sent out in 2006. Help us fulfill our goal, in that we believe emailing can be a beneficial worldwide contribution to millions.

please note that this non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship email originated from a computer outside of the united states of America by a citizen of a foreign country and obeys all non-commercial email laws of the country of the citizen that initiated this non-commercial email.

if you are not associated with a nonprofit/charity and/or this is not a nonprofit/charity contact email address and/or you are not interested in our occasional non-commercial, non-transactional, non-cost, non-relationship, courtesy emailings we perform to assist various nonprofits and charities interesting in sending out their special non-commercial message and/or non-commercial web site, please respond to delist your email address from our email database. Thank you.

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