Winter in Pakistan

Winter in Pakistan – Newsletter # 33 Likely you have seen Pakistan earthquake relief operations on television. Although ADRA Pakistan has trucked much of its relief effort into the Bagh area, ADRA has received considerable assistance with helicopter deliveries and … Continue reading

dollar-a-column work

“Very well, you can have it,” said Jo, handing back the story with a satisfied air, for after the dollar-a-column work, even twenty-five seemed good pay. And thus–not much changed–she, as innocent and earnest-hearted–he, as frank, as hopeful, and more … Continue reading

Thank you.

if you are not associated with a nonprofit/charity and/or this is not a nonprofit/charity contact email address and/or you are not interested in our occassional non-commercial, non-transactional, non-cost, non-relationship, courtesy emailings we perform to assist various nonprofits and charities interesting … Continue reading

country of the citizen

please note that this non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship email originated from a computer outside of the united states of america by a citizen of a foreign country and obeys all non-commercial email laws of the country of the citizen that initated … Continue reading

America remembers

on the day alone that this email was edited, six nonprofits/charities responded to this nonprofit emailing and are currently receiving their noncost, non-commercial emailing without cost to them: America remembers: killed in action foundation, his grace: evangelistic ministries, north valley … Continue reading

technology of email

Thanks to the technology of email, here are only a few of the countless charities & nonprofit organizations we have contributed to this year: Adventist develop & relief agency international (ADRA), child help USA, direct relief international, doctors without borders, … Continue reading


this non-commercial, non-transactional, non-relationship, courtesy emailing has an important primary purpose of helping society by assisting nonprofits and charities have their nonprofit/non-commercial mission statement/special message sent out to a large number of emails as a courtesy to help worldwide in … Continue reading