Wake up America! Muslims are evil!

We have been told Muslims are peace loving people; maybe a few are, but their Koran will tell the truth about Islam.

If one wants us to know what they believe you must read the Koran. That will open your eyes in a hurry. I have read it, and they are commanded to kill the infidels–that is us….anyone that does not believe the way they do! The whole book is really a book of hate! Not only that, Muslim men have no respect for women; if women do not agree or do their every command the are told to beat them!!.
We do need a wake up call in America.

Below are pictures of Muslems who marched the streets of London during their recent Religion of Peace Demonstration.

These pictures have never been shown in any of our American newspapers or television news programs because the chicken-shits are afraid they may offend someone!


Anyone see a problem here?